Visual Performance

Remove a major source of risk:

It is estimated that nearly 90% of all accidents are attributed to human error. Of these around half are errors involving poor judgement, slow reactions and problems relating to vision.

We believe that it is important to understand how the Eyes and Brain actually work if we are to manage these risks effectively.

Join an increasing number of companies with large operator fleets who are turning to the Visual Performance Journey (VPJ) for improved safety records.

Developed at the Stellenbosch Sports Science Institute, the internet based tools have been used by top athletes the world over. These include two rugby World Cup winners, a British open winner, Olympic Gold medalists; among many others.

The Visual Performance Journey:

The Visual Performance Journey is an internet based e-learning platform that is integrated with EyeGym used by Mining, Manufacturing and Trucking companies to reduce their exposure to human error.

The product is built to reduce judgement errors which typically make up about half of vehicle accidents and uses EyeGym technology as a critical piece of the solution.

EyeGym looks to improve the Visual Performance of Sportsmen and women and has an international reputation for success. At Driver Bureau we adapted the product for Industrial application.
Our promise to you is up to a 50% reduction in incidents.

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