Improve Driver Biometrics & Safety Performance


At the wheel of a 56 ton rig, the ability of the driver to recognise, anticipate, judge, react and coordinate his body are important not only for the safe delivery of cargo but also for the lives of the people around him.


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By getting your drivers to Train on the EyeGym program, research shows that significant improvements in key eye brain function can be attained over 4 weeks, improvement is translating into dramatically reduced risk, please read the trial results done with a Depot of professional tanker drivers.

EyeGym is a product that is offered to our clients through Driver Bureau and supports our mission of making a difference through information.


What is EyeGym?


By training your visual system and brain, you create an opportunity to enhance your skills in the classroom and on the sporting field. 80-90% of decisions made in sport are based upon visual information.

About Dr Sherylle Calder

Dr Sherylle Calder is the pioneer in Visual Performance Skills training. Dr Calder has dedicated her life to this science. She discovered the relationship between developing the eyes’ skills and the reactive increase of physical and mental performance.