Professional Driver Exchange

At the heart of the Accident theft and high cost of Transport in Southern Africa lies a “culture of non-compliance” and a lack of professionalism amongst drivers and Transport operators.

90% of the problems discussed above are directly related to human error, but there is very little accountability.

Drivers responsible for repeated recklessness, or who simply are not suited to the work are often dismissed and rarely prosecuted. As a result they are recycled from one transporter to the next thus repeating the problem.

The fault however lies not only with the driver. Responsibility must also be shared by the Transport operators, who at the end of the day, recruit, manage and create the working environment for Drivers to operate in.

The Driver Information Bureau (DIB) is a service that seeks to improve the level of professionalism and culture of compliance of both Drivers and Transporters across Southern and Eastern Africa in a fair, transparent, ethical and legal manner. This is achieved by centralizing information in a system that grades both driver and transporter operators in a 5 star rating system.

To read more about it, read the following article:  Fleetwatch 2016 March


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