The system is designed to give prospective employers information that highlights good and bad drivers. The system will NOT grade drivers. The perspective employer needs to make the decision himself using the available information.
At no point will a transport company have access to another company’s driver’s information and be able to identify drivers he wants to poach, unless the drivers themselves approach that company with his own information.
Yes and there will be a cost involved. He will have to click on an “Agree” button accepting that he waives his rights to seek damages for any information received which he may disagree with.
A driver’s information should indicate to the prospective employers the driver’s strengths and weaknesses. Drivers will be able to upload information addressing those weaknesses i.e. certificates of training and more recent references which will improve their profile. This information will be available to the prospective employers at no cost. The Driver Information Bureau will make every effort to educate users in the interpretation of information, giving emphasis on the ability of drivers to redeem themselves. Presentation of information will also be sequential so that an improving trend may be picked up easily.
We anticipate that really valuable data will be captured by the transporters. This could be used to improve knowledge and skill in the following way: a) Linking performance to training completed b) Benchmarking fleet performance c) Understanding the fundamentals better and the effect of age and health on performance.
The SMS service will be used by drivers to register themselves on the system and give permission for their information to be sold. They will be notified each time their profile is accessed.